Does Online Home Schooling Work?

Online Home Work

The article recently published in the Wall Street Journal focused on online work, mainly in Saudi high schools. The research concerned about the public’s attitudes towards using online in education, with focus on the students, teachers and parents’ perceptions towards using internet in educating education. The Wall Street Journal also published a new series of articles about the educational issues regarding internet use and its relationship to education policies.


According to this research, more than one third of all educational institutes in the United Arab Emirates (the UAE) are now offering online training programs, mainly because of its effectiveness in improving learning and retention of information, and it is considered a boon for education. In the United Kingdom, it has been shown that online home work helps to increase student knowledge by about 15%. This research also points out the fact that the online work is cheaper than traditional education in the United Kingdom.


It is generally accepted that many governments are trying to regulate online work, as its increasing popularity has created a lot of confusion in various areas. Most of the companies providing online educational services have not been able to prove their claims to be authentic. They have also not been able to provide evidence of their track record and their customers’ comments.


According to this research, many countries have recognized the positive aspects of online home work and have offered scholarships for students who want to pursue such a course. It is important to note that many of these scholarships are restricted to certain academic areas. These areas include students pursuing masters, doctorate, and post-graduate degrees.


It is also necessary to point out that many employers are becoming aware of the benefits of using online work for educating students. It has been observed that many employees in online jobs are being encouraged to continue working even after they reach their retirement age. They are thus given another way of earning income. This has resulted in many employers being able to offer better pay packages, as well as better benefits and working conditions.


In conclusion, the studies conducted by the Wall Street Journal suggest that the growing use of online work is a boon for education and an education system that are struggling to cope up with the current scenario in the world. The increasing need to teach students who do not attend class, as well as those who cannot afford to go to school is one of the most pressing challenges. faced by the education system today. With the help of internet-based education, the task is made easier and more efficient.

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