How To Choose The Best Acer Monitor

How To Choose The Best Acer Monitor

To find the best Acer monitor, you first must determine what it is that you need. For the budget conscious, there are many options from which to choose from, each with its own positive and negative points. On the other hand, those looking to spend a little more are sure to find models such as the Predator gaming laptop that will offer you much more bang for their buck. Let’s begin with a look at some of the features that a large number of Acer products have.

With two headphone jacks, this is one of Acer’s newest gaming monitors that comes standard on the R240hy. Yes, Acer monitors have always been known for their sound quality, but this version adds an extra layer of audio bliss to the mix. In fact, the r240hy is equipped with THX Premium technology for superior sound effects, delivering crisp and clear sound like no other. Yes, Acer monitors are excellent with increased ergonomic benefits, a faster response time that enables you to provide far crisper moving images with greater clarity, improved gray contrast, improved color uniformity, and includes Dolby Home Cinema Premium.

This is another of the newest additions to the Acer lineup of gaming monitors. As the name suggests, this model has a fast response time and supports a full range of refresh rates up to the overclocked Reference Specification of the HD 42A. This means that this model is ideal for gamers who want to enjoy their games at a constant frame rate. It also has a zero dead zone, which allows you to eliminate screen tearing effects and lag.

If your primary concern is to play at the highest possible frame rate, then the best acer gaming monitor for you is the Acer Predator EGB DDR3 motherboard series. With a powerful Intel Core Duo processor and a hefty 4GB of RAM, you can expect a smooth and fast gaming performance from this monitor. The refresh rate of this model is accomplished at a level which is nearly two times faster than the Acer Predator series.

This is one of the latest in high-end gaming laptops. The Alien-ware laptop is able to give you all of the aforementioned high-end features at a very competitive price point. Some of the highlights include an aluminum-based body and powerful cooling systems, just like many of the Alien-ware models. The two fans included ensure that you will be kept well cooled while playing your games.

With so many options available today, it can be difficult to choose the right type of monitor. Of course, when it comes to gaming monitors, price definitely has to be a consideration. Many gamers would argue that the prices of these monitors are no different than many of the high-end gaming notebooks currently available. In fact, many gamers actually prefer to purchase a gaming notebook rather than an Alien-ware notebook due to the compatibility and the overall quality of these notebooks. If you want to experience some great gaming with a full HD resolution, then you might find that purchasing a high-end gaming notebook is the way to go.

When it comes to response time and the smoothness of the images, this is one of the most important parts of a notebook. Any experienced gamer will tell you that the response time means the difference between a successful game play and a frustrating one. Acer has crafted their brand name on the success of their gaming notebooks by offering one of the best response times available. The Acer Aspire gaming notebook includes a gaming design with a zero-frame design, allowing for an optimized viewing area that ensures easy and smooth game play.

A new feature on some of Acer Aspire series notebooks is called Asclockers. These new cooling devices allow you to keep your temperature level under control so that you can enjoy extended gaming sessions. The built-in speakers included with these notebooks are also top of the line. Many gamers rely on the crisp sound of in-plane switching gaming keyboards. An in-plane switching keyboard has a tendency to run cooler than standard keyboards and the result is that they tend to last longer than standard keyboards. It is worth noting that the in-plane switching models of Acer are not compatible with standard external speakers.

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