Are There Any Dangers Associated With Purple Drank?

purple drank lean

Purple drank, also referred to as purple beer and many other names, is an illegal stimulant drink that contains a combination of prescription-grade cough syrups and a hard candy flavored beverage. The mixture originated in Houston, TX, and is especially popular in those who live in or around the South or those who are influenced by the hip-hop music culture. Purple drank lean has been used as a means of getting high since the 1980s. Most people who try it never get past their first experience because they either don’t know the dangers involved or they are intimidated by the taste.


While drinking Purple drank does not have many of the same health effects as other substances, it is still illegal to do so in most areas. In some places, this can include minors under the age of 21, so be sure you are of legal drinking age before you make the decision to try it. You should know that the majority of these drinks are made from a combination of prescription medicines, alcohol and even sugar.


One of the most common side effects of drinking this beverage is liver damage. If you start feeling nauseous and bloated, it is likely because the contents of your system have clogged your intestines, and the fluid in between the food particles may also be backing up. This causes bloating, abdominal pain and sometimes even vomiting. It is important to avoid consuming this beverage if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or kidney problems.


If you feel extremely thirsty after drinking Purple drank, it could be a sign that the fluid is backing up through your urine. Your body will then need to break down the fluid to make it pass through more easily. Some people believe that drinking this type of beverage can cause heart attacks. If you feel extremely thirsty but haven’t had any alcohol, or are having an unusual amount of thirst, there are many other reasons you may be experiencing dehydration.


If you have never had this drink before, it is very easy to try it out on your own. Lean is sold in small bottles and can be found in your local drug store. You won’t have to worry about being able to find a dealer or making the trip home to a hospital for help. In many places, the drink is also sold in vending machines and has many different flavors including grapefruit, orange, grape, cherry and other purple beverages.


If you are concerned about using this type of drink, you should be aware of how much you should consume each time. You shouldn’t exceed two or three quarts per day because the caffeine content can be too much for your body. If you notice that your body gets bloated, it is important to drink more water and drink a lot more water. You should always stay hydrated no matter what type of beverage you are drinking.