A Guide to Inversion Therapy Gravity Bong

One of the most unique and popular smoking products in use today is the Gravity Bong. Gravity bongs basically function by soaking a standard glass into a gravity bong basin that sits on top of an elevated platform or tank. Then, the interested consumer lights the bud light up. Once the bud light goes out, gravity takes over and the pot falls down to fill the glass with smoke. Since the wholesale marijuana market is dominated by the vertically elongated and vented Gravity Bong, many would-be marijuana smokers are now turning their attention towards buying the item from online retail outlets.


If you’re one of the growing number of people who have been inquiring about the new product, you’re probably wondering how to make your own gravity vaporizer or bong. The Gravity Bong manufacturer recommends using certain equipment when making a Gravity Bong and recommends that the tools be used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. While some have been able to successfully make their own Gravity Bongs using a ten-inch coffee brew pot and a coffee grinder, many have not been as lucky. Gravity Vaporizers are recommended for use in colder climates and should only be used for brewing coffee. Although they are popular with many users, many would-be tokers are finding that they are unable to produce consistent results when using a Gravity Bong and are instead buying them to use in their home.

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For those who have successfully brewed coffee with a Gravity Bong and are now looking for a way to incorporate the bubbly taste into their own homes, there is another option. By combining a borosilicate glass stemware and the classic coffee machine, the coffee lover can create a high rise gravity bong that is unique to them. These unique glasses can be found in many online stores and can be created by filling them with water that has been filtered to remove sediment and bubbles and then placing the stems of coffee beans into the glass holders themselves and allowing the coffee to steep by itself in the same manner that it was done in the original gourd. Find bong for sale at https://vortexgravitybong.com/gravity-bongs-for-sale/


Since the Gravity Bong is equipped with a system that forces air out of the coffee grounds before brewing, it will keep on steeping for as long as it takes to allow the beans to break down completely and create a high-quality cup of Joe. This means that if you want the best flavor from each cup, you’ll want to make sure to change out the water that is placed into the coffee percolator every time you make a Gravity Bong. By doing this, the water that is added to the bong will maintain its structure and will create consistent, strong glass. However, if you are someone who is only making single cups at a time and do not plan to change the water in the bong on a regular basis, the Gravity Bong will work for you – making it a very cost efficient way to enjoy coffee, tea or even smoke.

Some people prefer the way that a Gravity Bong feels in their hand versus holding a typical glass bottle of water in their hand. Because gravity bongs are built with a stainless steel or aluminum body and a glass bottle, they are considered a much better alternative. If you are looking for an alternative that does not require that you use your hands in any way when you enjoy your beverages, gravity bongs may be a good option for you. The amount of alcohol in a typical bottle of water is enough to make it nearly impossible to hold, so the fact that gravity bongs don’t require you to add any liquid to the glass bottle at all is a big advantage.


The invertible gravity bong is another favorite among those who like the feel of an upside-down bong. When you hold a standard bong in your hand, it has a tendency to curl up and shape the palms of your hands. Holding a gravity vortex bong, however, gives you the opportunity to experience the same benefits while having the bong far more vertical than in your hand. Because of the way the bong stays upright when held in the air, the fingers are never forced into an uncomfortable position. This is a big advantage over other styles of drinking cups – including the popular stainless steel cup.

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