“He is a pattern, he always grabs the little ones”

In the interview conducted on the aforementioned television program, the model wanted to emphasize the age difference between Gomez and her, since their relationship began when she was 19 years old and he was 30, so he is 11 years old. Ezrre pointed out that this was a pattern, since, in his relationships, Eleazar always sought to mate with women younger than him and take advantage of his age advantage to exercise some authority over his companions.

What was one of the worst episodes the model had to endure?

In Venga la Alegria, the model reported that one of the worst episodes of violence that she had suffered from Eleazar was one in which he came to her apartment after drinking, and started an argument with her for no apparent reason, which led to shoving and hits. To escape, she had to grapple with Eleazar for about five hours, then ran down the stairs from the 15th floor of the building to ask security guards for help. Read the latest Celebrity, business articles On http://thenewsfeeder.net/.

Why didn’t you report?

Ezrre mentioned that she did not want to report the abuse for fear of being labeled a liar, as she had witnessed how no one had believed Vanessa López, another ex-girlfriend of the actor, at the time she made her situation public. However, he claimed to maintain evidence of the mistreatment he experienced with Gómez and declared that he had already contacted Stephanie Valenzuela to offer her support and help so that justice was done against the protagonist of Dare to Dream.

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